Pedham Development: You Have 4 Days To Stop It.

Pedham Development: You Have 4 Days To Stop It.
Aerial view of the site of the proposed development

Your option to comment on and vote against the proposed 2,500 houses and 28,000 seat stadium and hotel on and around Pedham Place ends this Thursday 11th of January 2024.

There was historic attendance at the Sevenoaks District Council pop-up on Thursday, 4th January 2024.

As at the time of this email the votes against Pedham Place are 393 total. Those for the development are 95 and 2 neutral. These numbers need to improve if we're to defeat this plan. We can win if we act.

This can be stopped if every member in every household that objects completes the survey to oppose by selecting Option 1 and strongly disagrees - this includes babies and children, who are also allowed to respond.

Several volunteer residents have prepared a response guide that gathers all the information required to form the most effective response. If you find it overwhelming, please reach out for help. Some other supporting documents are linked at the end of this message

If you have any questions, please send them to or call on 07931 588889.

Additional Resources:

If you have completed your form already and would like to resubmit based on this information then email: with the comment number you have been emailed/given and ask them to remove this response as you wish to replace it.